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  • USS George Washington Task Group Training in Latin America

    USS George Washington Training in Latin America

    ​Multinational training for carrier, four ships​ in Southern Seas deployment...Read More

  • Operation Martillo information

    Operation Martillo

    LATEST: Coast Guard offloads $41 million of seized drugs in Miami...Read More

  • Staff Talks with Colombian Army

    Staff Talks with Colombian Army

    ​Officers from both nations discuss strategy, upcoming engagements...Read More

  • Continuing Promise 2015

    Continuing Promise 2015

    LATEST: Crew of USNS Comfort provides care in Haiti...Read More

  • USNS Spearhead's Training Mission to Four Nations

    USNS Spearhead's Training Deployment to Four Nations

    US military engagements in ​Belize, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras...Read More