This page is the starting point for authorized DoD personnel to access SOUTHCOM's NIPR portals.  All Internal USSOUTHCOM NIPRNet Portal sites are accessible ONLY via valid CAC certificate.

IMPORTANT: If you obtain a “Site Not Found” or “Page Cannot Be Found/Displayed” error at any time, close all open browser windows and start over using a different CAC certificate.

Available External Access Sites

Figure 1:

Example of Tools and Applications panel on NIPR that provides access to Tasker system and other tools.

Example of Tools and Applications panel.

Authenticated Site:

This site allows all personnel with accounts and a valid CAC to login for collaboration and access to important applications, to include but not limited to the following:

  • The home page and all directorate sub-sites containing organizational information

  • Community of Interest Sites such as the Joint Operations Center Portal, B2C2WG Portal, Contracting Portal

  • Administrative applications such as the Tasker System and Awards Tools

Note 1:  Permissions from specific site or application owners may still be required for pages with additional restrictions. If you do not have an account, then proceed to the registration steps below. Also, if you are an external user and require access to the SIPR applications/tools, then request access at the following SIPR link: 

Note 2:  Access to the Tasker System is automatic 24 hours after your account is approved.  You may not see the panel to the right (Figure 1) until this occurs.

My Site:

This site allows only Miami Campus personnel with a valid CAC to login access their personal sites.

Access Instructions

1. To register/request a login

This link enables Non-USSOUTHCOM, or “External”, CAC Users to apply for an Account.

2. Complete the form accurately and submit for review and approval

All requests for access are subject to review and may be rejected based on Need-to-Know or other DoD Policy. Expect an approval/disapproval notification within 24 hours. It is very important to justify your access.  If you do not know why you need access, this will delay the process.  If you have a SOUTHCOM point of contact, add them to the justification box; this will expedite the process.

Note: For NON USSOUTHCOM HQ Miami Campus Members, permissions from specific site owners may still be required for pages with additional restrictions.

3. Who to contact if you have issues

If the access procedures outlined on this page fail to provide you access then please contact the USSOUTHCOM HQ Help Desk at (305) 437-1234 or by email at

You may also contact the SharePoint Team Directly: