All Internal USSOUTHCOM NIPRNet Portal sites are accessible ONLY via valid CAC certificate.

IMPORTANT: If you obtain a “Site Not Found” or “Page Cannot Be Found/Displayed” error at any time, close all open browser windows and start over using a different CAC certificate.

  1. Anonymous Site: Based on new security guidelines, this type of access is no longer available. All users must register and access via the Authenticated Site listed below.

  2. Authenticated site: This site allows all personnel with accounts and a valid CAC to login for collaboration. Permissions from specific site owners may still be required for pages with additional restrictions. If you do not have an account, see item 4, below.

  1. My Site: This site allows only Miami Campus personnel with a valid CAC to login access their personal sites. All users can access Shared Pages of other Users by going to the Authenticated site (see 2 above) and performing a People Search.  Site owners can lock down Shared Document folders their own sites if they want to share data with only specific personnel.

  2. To register/request a login: This link enables Non-USSOUTHCOM, or “External”, CAC Users to apply for an Account. If you are a USSOUTHCOM HQ Miami Campus Member and your CAC is not registered with our server, you will have to enter this site first. You will know this if you cannot access link "2" above. All requests for access are subject to review and may be rejected based on Need-to-Know or other DoD Policy.  For NON USSOUTHCOM HQ Miami Campus Members, permissions from specific site owners may still be required for pages with additional restrictions. Click Here to Register your CAC. If this does not work, enter a trouble ticket the next time you are in the office.

  3. To download CAC software for Home Use, browse to the CAC General Information Page for further details. Here, you will find specific instructions for use and suggested locations to buy CAC readers.