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Commander Bio Photo: Adm. Kurt W. Tidd
Lt. Gen. Joseph P. DiSalvo, Military Deputy Commander
Chief of Staff Bio Photo: Maj. Gen. Michael T. Plehn, Chief of Staff, SOUTHCOM
Deputy Commander, Mobilization and Reserve Affairs Bio Photo: Major General Robert M. Branyon Sergeant Major Eric J Geressy

Adm. Kurt W. Tidd


Lt. Gen. Joseph P. DiSalvo

Military Deputy Commander

Position Currently Vacant

Civilian Deputy to the Commander, Foreign Policy Advisor

Maj. Gen. Michael T. Plehn

Chief of Staff

Maj. Gen. Robert Branyon

Deputy Commander for Mobilization & Reserve Affairs

CSM William B. Zaiser

Command Senior Enlisted Leader


Directorates and Staff

Directorates are the functional divisions within SOUTHCOM. Each directorate is charged to support or manage an aspect of the mission.  Click on the links below to learn more about each directorate. 

J1 Bio Photo: Navy Capt. Hui K. Pak, Director, Manpower and Personnel J2 Bio Photo: Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Geary, Director, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance J3 Bio Photo: Coast Guard Rear Adm. Karl Schultz J4 Bio Photo: Colonel William J. Truax, Jr. J5 Bio Photo: Brig. Gen. Paul J. Rock Jr J6 Bio Photo, COLONEL Jonathon R. Moelter, Director Communication Systems J7 Bio Photo: Rear Adm Scott B. Jerabek J8 Bio Photo: Mr. David Thiede, Director, J-8 Resources and Assessments J9 Bio Photo: Dr. Vic Ramdass
Navy Capt. Carol M. Kushmier, Director
Army Brig. Gen. Kate Leahy, Director​
Coast Guard Rear Adm. Daniel B. Abel,
Marine Col. William J. Truax, Jr., Director
Marine Brig. Gen. Paul J. Rock Jr., Director
Col. Jonathon R. Moelter, Director​


Navy Rear Adm. Daniel B. “Brian” Hendrickson, Director ​


Mr. David Thiede, Director ​


Dr. Vic Ramdass, Director​


 Other staff sections

Congressional Affairs Bio Photo: Elizabeth Gonzales, Congressional Affairs Army Col. Paul L. DeCecco, Inspector General SJA bio photo: Col. Joseph G. Bowe Public Affairs Bio Photo: Army COL Lisa A. Garcia Command Surgeon Bio Photo: COL Rudolph Cachuela
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Chief
Army Col. Paul L. DeCecco,
Inspector General
Marine Col. Joseph G. Bowe, Staff Judge Advocate
Army Col. Lisa A. Garcia
Chief, Public Affairs
Air Force Col. Greg Woodbury, Jr., Chaplain
Air Force Col. Rudolph Cachuela, 
Command Surgeon