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Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM

The Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM provides ambulatory primary healthcare services to enrolled active duty service members, adult active duty family members, and TRICARE-eligible retirees working within U.S. Army Garrison-Miami.  The clinic is located on the SOUTHCOM Headquarters at 9301 NW 33rd St., Doral, Fla. 33172, in the Installation Services building, Suite A1040.  


Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM is open for the vast majority of SOUTHCOM Family Days, which are normally the Friday before a federal holiday. On these days, we do shorten our hours slightly to close at 1500 hours. However, please note that the clinic will be closed on the following SOUTHCOM Family Days:

  • 25 November 2016 (Black Friday)

  • 23 December 2016 (Friday before Christmas)

  • 30 December 2016 (Friday before New Year's Day)

Also, please note that the observance of the federal holidays for Christmas and New Year's Day will be on 26 December 2016 and 2 January 2017 this year, due to the holidays falling on Sunday. The clinic will be closed on these days, as is the case on all federal holidays. 

All beneficiaries who need care on a day on which the clinic is closed should seek care at a Tricare network urgent care facility. A list of authorized urgent care facilities can be found at the following website:  Click on "Provider Locator" under "Beneficiary Information" and follow the prompts. If the medical issue poses a threat to life, limb, or eyesight, the beneficiary should head straight to the nearest Emergency Room. Please remember to follow-up with your provider the next business day.

Main Clinic Phone Number:

(305) 437-1148  (effective 24 February 2016)

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Thursday: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM

** Closed for training and administration on Thursday afternoons

Sick Call Sign In:  7 AM - 7:30 AM (or call for an appointment)

Closed Weekends and Federal Holidays

* Usually open on SOUTHCOM Family Days 

Sick Call

Individuals reporting for Sick Call must be in military duty uniform or military physical training uniform. 

Service members who are on leave may report in civilian attire, however, they must present a valid leave form upon reporting to clinical staff personnel.  

Customer Feedback

Give us a minute of your time and tell us how we are doing.

Contact info

For appointments, medical questions or concerns please call Monday – Friday, during the hours of operation.

(305) 437-1148

COL Barry Pockrandt, Clinic CommanderLTC Gail A. Dreitzler

Clinic Commander




Wait Times Standards

In accordance ith 32 CFR 199.17(p)(5)(ii)

Urgent (Acute) Care: Non-emergent illness or injury which requires medical treatment. (Will not result in death or disability). Appointment within 24 hours.

Routine Care: Follow up or preventive care. Appointment within 10 - 14 calendar days.

Referral for Specialty Care: Injury or illness which require specialized treatment. Appointment within four weeks.

Office waiting times should not exceed 30 minutes. Exceptions are subject to provider/patient ratio and other factors pertaining to individual MTF.

Appointment Info

Medical in-processing is conducted daily. 

Ensure that you bring a valid military I.D. (CAC), a copy of your military orders, medical and dental records, and a copy of your latest shot record. 

Pharmacy Services are available daily. 

The Pharmacy will only dispense medications to Active Duty Service Members that were seen in the SOUTHCOM Military Medical Home.  Prescriptions that are written by network providers outside the clinic will need to have these prescription filled by network pharmacies.  These pharmacies include CVS, Publix, and Wal-Mart locations.  See FAQ below for additional information.

Physical Exams are conducted on appointment basis only. 

Contact (305) 437-1148 to schedule an appointment or for questions regarding physical exams.

In the Event of a Medical Emergency

  1. If occurring within the SOUTHCOM Headquarters: activate Garrison Emergency Response System by calling the Garrison Department of Emergency Services at (305) 437-2677/2347.

  2. In the event of a Medical Emergency outside the SOUTHCOM Headquarters and after duty hours, call 911 or visit the nearest Hospital Emergency Room.  Upon discharge, report to the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM the following duty day during the hours of sick call.  At this time bring all discharge paperwork to your military provider for further evaluation.

TRICARE Services Center Update

Walk-in service is ending at TRICARE Service Centers in the U.S. by April 1, 2014. See TRICARE Service Center Walk-In Service Ending and TRICARE Ends Walk-in Admin Services at 189 Facilities for more info. Also see Self-Service Options for Stateside TRICARE Beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive care at the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM?

Active duty service members, adult active duty family members, and TRICARE-eligible retirees working within U.S. Army Garrison-Miami, National Guard and Reserve Service Members on active orders for a period of 30 days or greater, and DOD civilians deploying in direct support of SOUTHCOM may seen at the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM.

What services does Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM offer to family members?

Family members of Active Duty personnel may have the Florida Certification of Immunization, Form 680 completed by Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM providers. The Florida Certification of Immunization, Form 680 , must be used to document the immunizations required for entry and attendance in Florida schools. Please call (305) 437-1784 for additional information regarding transcribing of immunizations onto the Florida Certification of Immunization, Form 680.

School Entry Health Examinations must be completed family member's Primary Care Manager (PCM).  Please see the following website ( for additional information regarding School Entry Health Examinations.

Can family members have medication prescriptions filled in Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM?

Adult family members assigned to the clinic may have prescriptions filled in the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM.  Family members assigned to network providers have the following options to get medication prescriptions filled:

Note:  A co-pay may apply.  Please see the following website to complete a medication co-pay search.  (

What should I do in the event I have an emergency outside clinic hours?

Active duty service members should report to the nearest hospital emergency room (ER) to be treated for any injury or illness she/he considers an emergency.  Active duty service members must report to sick call the next business day following their discharge from the hospital.  Be sure to bring all documentation given to you by the hospital. 

Where do Active Duty Service Members assigned to Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM receive dental care?

Active duty service members assigned to the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM receive dental care through United Concordia providers.  The dental representative located within the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM can assist you in finding a local dental provider.

The following are the instructions on obtaining a dental exam and updating your dental category.

  1. Go to

  2. Select the top left block titled "Active Duty Service Members".

  3. On the left column select "Find a dentist". Next page select "Find a dentist" in the center again.

  4. Under number 2, enter a zip code of the area you would like treatment in. Click "Find a dentist".

  5. You will see a list of the eligible dentists in that area. Select one, call them and make an appointment.

  6. Call United Concordia at 1-866-984-2337 and request a control number for the appointment you just made. If they tell you that you aren't eligible for coverage, explain to them that you are in the Metro Miami area and the nearest treatment facility is Patrick Air Force Base, 200 miles away. Have them look again and they should give you the control number.

  7. Write down that control number and take it to your appointment. This is the payment. No money is exchanged.

  8. Upon completion of your appointment, have the doctor COMPLETELY fill out the DD Form 2813. Ensure that name, complete social security number and branch of service are on the form. The doctor fills out the rest. Ensure he signs and puts his license number in block 10. Also ensure his address and phone number are on the form.

  9. That form can be emailed to

If you have any questions, please contact:

Aaron C.R. Jackson, Dental Healthcare Representative, Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM

9301 NW 33rd St.

Miami, FL 33172

DSN: 567-1765

Commercial: 305-437-1765

How can I receive a complete copy of my medical records?

To receive a copy of medical records, patients must complete a DD Form 2870 which can be received from and must be returned to the Patient Administration Department (PAD) representative at the Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM.  The PAD is authorized 30 days to complete a request and only one copy per service member is authorized per year.

Where can I find out information concerning TRICARE benefits and approved TRICARE Network civilian providers/facilities available to my covered family members?

Detailed information about all TRICARE benefits, services and providers is available at the following websites:  etailed information about all TRICARE benefits, services and providers is available at the following websites: and    

Privacy Practices

For information regarding the Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP), the use and disclosure of your medical information, please access the following link:  



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