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News | May 29, 2024

Multinational military exercise Resolute Sentinel 2024 kicks off

By Andrea Jenkins 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern)

The multinational military exercise Resolute Sentinel 2024 officially began May 27, 2024, at Grupo 4 in La Joya, Peru, after an opening ceremony and unveiling of the 2024 exercise partnership emblem.

RS24, which will continue through the next three weeks, is sponsored by U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) and marks the beginning of a comprehensive joint training opportunity aimed at enhancing regional security and interoperability among Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, France and the United States.

More than 1,500 experts from the participating nations’ militaries and medical communities will work together to share tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure seamless integration during future emergencies or times of crisis. The exercise focuses on a wide array of operational objectives, including disaster response, medical readiness, cyber defense, search and recovery, water rescue, and small arms combat tactics.

“Our combined planning efforts are about to be realized as we stand ready to execute this grand exercise,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Evan Pettus, 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) commander. “Resolute Sentinel 2024, as part of Large-Scale Global Exercise 24, is a demonstration of our ability to seamlessly operate together to maintain global freedom and stability. Resolute Sentinel will strengthen the long-standing partnership between our nations reflects our mutual commitment to a more cooperative, prosperous and secure hemisphere.”

The exercise is divided into multiple phases, each designed to hone the capabilities of the participating forces through realistic scenarios.

This year, special emphasis is placed on medical readiness, with joint medical teams conducting field hospital exercises and providing medical care to local communities. One of the primary goals is to enhance the Americas’ ability to respond collectively to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, which are prevalent in the region.

“Resolute Sentinel is more than tactical maneuvers and simulations,” Pettus said. “It is about building relationships … bridging gaps between cultures, languages and traditions. It is about recognizing that our collective strength lies in unity, cooperation and mutual respect.”

Exercise participants are scheduled to attend panels on military leadership philosophy, train with modern environmental hazard detection, and practice over-water search and recovery techniques in addition to building partnerships through the shared common bonds of easing human suffering.

“As we engage in this exercise, let us remember the humanitarian aspect as well,” Pettus said. “Our commitment extends beyond military prowess; it includes providing medical assistance, legal exchanges and construction projects that benefit local communities.”

During the ceremony, Peruvian Joint Chief of the Armed Forces, Army Gen. David Guillermo Ojeda Parra emphasized the importance of the exercise in fostering regional solidarity and preparedness.

“Once again, Peru has the great honor of leading the planning, organization and execution of Resolute Sentinel 24,” he said. “We seek to improve our interoperability and strengthen our deterrence capacity through joint-combined operations in all domains: land, air, maritime, space and cyberspace as well as improve our capacity to deter common threats and challenges of a constantly changing world.”

Assistant adjutant general and commander of the West Virginia Air National Guard, Brig. Gen. David Cochran who also spoke at the ceremony shares the general’s perspective.

“As we begin Resolute Sentinel and continue our focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, we prepare our countries for the emerging challenges of the future,” Cochran said. “It is only through continued cooperation and exercises such as this that we can ensure our collective readiness and abilities.”

The objectives are clear: enhance force readiness, strengthen partnerships and increase interoperability.

“In the spirit of Resolute Sentinel let us approach each challenge with determination, adaptability and a shared sense of purpose,” Pettus said. “Together, we will ensure safety and well-being of our region, and we will emerge stronger, more resilient and better prepared for whatever the future holds.

“Somos mejores juntos – we are better together.”