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Sponsor Request

If you have not yet been contacted by a sponsor and want one to help you as you prepare for your move, please contact our Manpower and Personnel Directorate at 305-437-1117.


Other Contacts:

Army:               305-437-1127

Air Force:         305-437-1258

 Marines:          305-437-1997

 Navy:               305-437-0287


screen shot of Newcomers Arrival Tool homepage

This secure, web-based tool helps smooth your transition to SOUTHCOM by connecting you and your family to command specialists and sponsors while providing comprehensive relocation information. The tool also tracks your status throughout your transition and arrival so that you and your family are always on our radar.

NOTE: This tool is for SOUTHCOM newcomers only. Personnel already at the Command will not be able to access this system. The tool is a SOUTHCOM internal portal site and must be accessed with a valid CAC or Command-provided password. The site must be viewed using Internet Explorer 8 or higher. If you are from SOUTHCOM HQ or an SCO and trying to access the Newcomers Arrival Management Site, go to: https://extranet.southcom.mil/newarrivaltrackingadmin/