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Overview of Military/Family Services at SOUTHCOM

Service member, family and facility services for U.S. Southern Command are managed by the U.S. Army Garrison-Miami. The below service offices are in the Installation Services Center located on the U.S. Southern Command Headquarters.

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Financial Counseling:

Personal Financial Counseling: Did you know U.S. Army Garrison – Miami Financial Readiness Program provides, all eligible Active military, Contractors, Retirees and their family members, in person and virtual financial services. Learn More About Financial Counseling.

Services for Military Members, Families and Employees

Services and Resources at SOUTHCOM

ID/DEERS office


The ID/DEERS office is located on the first floor of the Installation Services Center. The office provides ID card and CAC services for U.S. military personnel and their families, DoD civilian employees and families, assigned contractors and DoD retirees.

NOTE: In Order to be issued a military ID Card to person(s) over 18 Years of age and older, you need to present two (2) valid form of ID (s). Primary ID must be an unexpired picture ID. No credit cards, conceal weapon permit, student ID nor SOUTHCOM badge will be accepted

Schedule an Appointment

Search: Site ID #107785 | Click on “Schedule an Appointment”

Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM (APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Monday–Wednesday, Friday: Walk-ins 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (SOUTHCOM ONLY)

Thursday 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Walk-ins (SOUTHCOM ONLY)

Thursday Appointments Only 9:00 AM -12:00 PM 

Thursday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM  (Panama, Costa Rica Customers Only) 

Federal Holidays:  CLOSED


ID/DEERS contact info


During duty hours please leave message technicians are busy servicing customers. We will return your call within 24 hrs. In order to be issued a military ID Card to person(s) over 18 Years of age and older, you need to present two (2) valid form of ID (s). Primary ID must be an unexpired picture ID. No credit cards, conceal weapon permit, student ID nor SOUTHCOM badge will be accepted. 


Child Development Center


The USAG-Miami Child Development Center operates full-day child care programs for children six weeks old through five years old.  The center also provides a modified School Age Services program for Winter, Spring and Summer camps.

Child, Youth and School Services provides the U.S. Southern Command community with quality child development options and youth programs which reduce the conflict between parenting responsibilities and duty requirements, and enhance the development of children and youth by engaging them in constructive activities. 

The Child Development Center facility offers a nurturing, creative environment for your child, with age-appropriate activities built into each program.

Fees are generated from DOD guidelines and are based on total family income. 

Child Development Center Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 6 AM - 6 PM

Child Development Center contact info




Fitness Center

The USAG-Miami Family & MWR Fitness Center is a new 44,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. The Fitness Center is available for use by U.S. military personnel & their families, DoD civilian employees & families, contractor employees, assigned foreign military & their families, DoD retirees and other authorized MWR patrons (according to AR 215-1, Chapter 6).

The fitness center has something for everyone, including a fully-equipped weight room with cardio machines, free weights, dumbbells and hammer strength machines. The fitness center also has a gymnasium with two full basketball courts that convert to volleyball courts and two racquetball courts.  

The fitness center includes men’s and women's locker rooms with all of the typical amenities including a sauna. The customer service desk provides a variety of equipment that can be checked out by authorized patrons.

Fitness Center Hours of Operation

Entire facility:  Monday-Friday 5 AM - 9 PM

The weight/cardio room is open 24 hours.

Entire facility: Saturday-Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM

The weight/cardio room is open 24 hours.

Fitness Center contact info



Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM


The Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM provides ambulatory primary healthcare services to enrolled Active Duty Service Members. The clinic is located on the SOUTHCOM Headquarters at 9301 NW 33rd Street, Doral, Florida 33172, in the Installation Services Center, Suite A1040.

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM  |  Thursday: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM

** Closed for training and administration on Thursday afternoons  |  * Usually open on SOUTHCOM Family Days |  Closed Weekends and Federal Holidays

Sick Call Sign In:  7 AM - 7:30 AM (or call for an appointment)


Sick Call

Individuals reporting for Sick Call must be present in military duty uniform or military physical training uniform. Services Members who are on leave may report in civilian attire, however, must present a valid leave form upon reporting to clinical staff personnel.

Sick Call Sign In:  7 AM - 7:30 AM (or call for an appointment)

Contact info

For appointments, medical questions or concerns please call (305) 437-1148  Monday – Friday, during the hours of operation.  

Appointment info


* Medical In-processing is conducted daily.  Ensure that you bring a valid military I.D. (CAC), a copy of your military orders, medical and dental records, and a copy of your latest shot record. 

* Pharmacy Services are available daily. The Pharmacy will only dispense medications to persons currently enrolled into the US Army Health Clinic SOUTHCOM and written by an in-house provider. Prescriptions that are written by network providers outside the clinic will need to be filled at network pharmacies which include Walgreens, Walmart, Publix and others (excluding CVS). Prescriptions from other MTFs cannot be seen in our system and cannot typically be transferred. Please discuss any maintenance medications at your initial visit with your Primary Care Manager to be entered into our system. See FAQ below for additional information.

* Physical Exams are conducted on appointment basis only.  Contact (305) 437-1148 to schedule an appointment or for questions regarding physical exams.


Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation

The Family & MWR office is responsible for several programs for Southern Command military and civilian personnel and their family members. MWR offices are located in the Installation Services Center on the U.S. Southern Command Headquarters. 

Family and MWR contact info



Leisure Travel Services (formerly the Information, Tickets & Registration (ITR) Office)

The Leisure Travel Services Office, located on the first floor of the Installation Services Center, offers a wide variety of event tickets, tours and travel accommodations at discounted rates for U.S. military personnel & their families, DoD civilian employees & families, assigned contractors and retirees.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Leisure Travel Services Office contact info



Army Community Service

Army Community Service offers the following programs on and off site to meet community needs:  Deployment or Mobilization Readiness, Family Advocacy Program, Transitional Compensation for Abused Dependents, Exceptional Family Member Program, Relocation Readiness, Personal Financial Readiness, Information and Referral Services and referral to the Military Family Employment Advocate.


Survivor Outreach Services South Florida

Survivor Outreach Services Mission: To build a unified program which embraces and reassures Families of our Fallen Warriors that they are continually linked to the Armed Forces Family for as long as they desire. The role of the SOS coordinator can be summarized as the person responsible for outreach, assessment, referrals, and advocate in general raising a red flag when gaps appear.


Child and Youth Services

The Child, Youth & School Services maintains a list of childcare centers accredited by the National Academy of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and has partnership with youth development organizations to offer youth recreational programs primarily during the summer vacation months. All service members and Department of Defense civilian employees attached to Southern Command are eligible to request child care and youth development subsidies. Service members are asked to stop by the MWR Office and fill out a request packet, which requires supporting financial documentation. The amount of subsidy given is based on the service member’s total family income. The Department of Defense fee structure is used as basis for determining subsidy. Packets and a list of available child care centers can be obtained by calling (305) 437-1144.


School Liaison Officer

School Support Services (SSS) provides Army school-aged youth with educational opportunities, resources and information necessary to achieve academic success. A branch of Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS), SSS is home to the School Liaison Office, where School Liaison Officers (SLOs) help deliver the best educational resources and information for your children.  


Passports and Visas

The SOUTHCOM U.S. Army Garrison-Miami Passport and Visa Office processes Diplomatic, Official, No-fee Passports and Visas for military personnel, DOD employees and family members travelling overseas on official business. We are committed to provide quality services and facilities, optimize resources, sustain the environment and enhance the well-being of the military community supporting the readiness and mission execution of the Department of Defense and U.S. Southern Command.

Passport and Visa Office Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 11:00 AM and 2:30 - 4:00 PM

Passport and Visa Office Contact Info

305-437-2750 or 305-437-2751
Fax: 305-437-3293

DA Photo Lab and Visual Information Services, Graphic Arts

USAG-Miami has a Dept. of the Army photo lab that provides authorized photography services for assigned U.S. military personnel.  

To make an appointment

  • Go to http://www.vios.army.mil
  • Click on the eastern region of the map
  • After Common Access Card authentication, select "new VIOS user" then "United States Army Garrison-Miami" from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the DA3903 icon and enter your personal information and select the appropriate VI service.
  • You will receive an electronically generated email confirming your work request.

Photo Lab Contact Info


Graphic Arts Contact Info


Joint Education Services Office

The Joint Education Services Office, located in the Installation Services Center, strives to deliver the highest quality education services and programs to the community in an effort to enhance recruiting, reenlistment and retention of the soldiers; to support the Army in improving Combat Readiness; and to retain and enhance a staff through continuous professional opportunities.

Army educational services provided by USAG-Miami consist of education counseling, coordinating tuition assistance request, GoArmyEd / eArmyu assistance and various on-site testing services.

Joint Education Services Office Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Joint Education Services Office Contact Info

Counselor: 305-437-3292; Room E2093

Testing: 305-437-1959; Room E2092

Admin and Tuition Assistance: 305-437-2287; Room E2089

Legal Services

The USAG-Miami Attorney, on a limited basis, also provides legal services and preliminary legal advice to active-duty and retired soldiers, their family members, and other individuals entitled to receive legal assistance in the Miami area.

Note: USAG-Miami does not have a dedicated Legal Assistance Office. However, Legal Assistance is available on a limited basis to active duty personnel assigned to SOUTHCOM and USAG-Miami. The Garrison Attorney can advise you on most personal legal matters, such as wills, powers of attorney, divorce, custody support, consumer affairs, tax, and landlord/tenant issues. However, the Garrison Attorney is not authorized to represent military ID card holders in civilian courts.

Legal Services Hours of Operation

7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Legal Services Contact Info

Appointments: 305-437-1734 (your name, telephone number, and the issue for which you are requesting assistance. You will be contacted as soon as appointments may be scheduled.)
Fax: 305-437-2284


Comprehensive phone listing for USAG-Miami and SOUTHCOM services

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