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TEAM SOUTHCOM - Total Engagement for All Members of U.S. Southern Command

Total Engagement for All Members of U.S. Southern Command, or TEAM SOUTHCOM, is a command-sponsored organization that aims to support command service members, civilians and family members -- in South Florida and assigned throughout the region -- by providing a network of communication, building morale and unity, enhancing quality of life, and providing community resources and a network of mutual support.

U.S. Southern Command's headquarters building in Miami, Florida. (SOUTHCOM Photo)


TEAM Southcom Fundraiser graphic. Text: Dress the commander and his spouse. Trunk or Treat scheduled for 31 October. Voting period, 9-22 September 2020. For additional info, please click here.



TEAM SOUTHCOM Fundraiser: Dress the Commander and His Spouse for Oct. 31 Trunk or Treat. Click graphic at the left for details on how to vote.

COVID-19 info and resources for U.S. Southern Command personnel and DoD Personnel assigned to the SOUTHCOM Area of Responsibility.

SOUTHCOM COVID-19 Info for Personnel



Welcome to our family! We are so glad we have this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a team of service members, civilian employees, family members (immediate and extended) and volunteers belonging to SOUTHCOM. We serve all: service members, civilian employees, and family members!

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The primary goals and expectations of TEAM SOUTHCOM are to:

  1. Act as an extension of U.S. Southern Command in providing official and accurate command information to service members and their families.

  2. Connect service members and families to the chain of command and provide support between the command and TEAM SOUTHCOM members.

  3. Connect TEAM SOUTHCOM members to available on and off-post community resources.

  4. Offer a network of mutual support.



Join our group page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEAMsouthcom/)

You can also contact our team leads at:

  • TEAM SOUTHCOM email: 1teamsouthcom@gmail.com 

  • Family Readiness Liaison POCs:  Lt Col Becky Logan: rebecca.m.logan6.mil@mail.mil  |  LCDR Christina Montalvan: christina.t.montalvan.mil@mail.mil



TEAM SOUTHCOM meetings are held once a month. Please reference our Facebook group page for time and location.



You are important.

We want you to come join us.

We all need a support system.

We are here to serve you.

We welcome your feedback.

We welcome new ideas.

We have New Spouse Orientation once a month.

We have New Spouse Welcome Receptions once a quarter.

We have members all over South Florida.

We provide educational Spouse Seminars.

We provide Garrison quality of life resources.

Spouses are welcome to attend All Hands Calls.

Your family can get counseling free through the Employee Assistance Program (see Resources and Contacts below).
- Stress

- Alcohol

- Drugs

- Individual Counseling

- Marriage Counseling 



Child Development Center: 305-437-1281 | Child and Youth Services (CYS)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) / Suicide Prevention: 305-437-2932 or 3078

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Clinical ASAP: 305-437-1970 or 1148

VA Suicide Prevention/Treatment: 305-575-7000x 5432

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention: 305-437-2653

U.S. Army Garrison-Miami, part of the U.S. Army's Installation Management Command, is dedicated to promoting Quality of Life for service members and their families; ensuring good stewardship of our resources; and encouraging partnerships with our local community.

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Overview of All Military/Family Services at SOUTHCOM

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Army Community Service (ACS), USAG-Miami Family Support Center | ACS Facebook Page

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