Frequently Asked Questions 

​Media Queries:

All media requests and queries are coordinated by the U.S. Southern Command Public Affairs Office.  You can contact the Public Affairs at 305-437-1213 (DSN 567). 

Job Opportunities / Internships:

Federal Positions: The USAJOBS website is the official resource for Federal positions and respective employment related information.  All job/vacancy announcements are posted on the USAJOBS website.  If you're interested in seeking employment at U.S. Southern Command, visit USAJOBS at www.usajobs.gov  and search for jobs using "Southern Command" as a keyword and "Miami" as the location.
Internships:  U.S. Southern Command offers both paid and unpaid internship opportunities.  Please call the Human Resources office at 305-437-1129 (DSN 567) for more information about the paid internship programs or 305-437-2663 (DSN 567) for more information about the unpaid internship program. 

Military and Family Services Provided at U.S. Southern Command Headquarters:

A variety of service member, family and retiree services for U.S. Southern Command are provided by the U.S. Army Garrison-Miami and Miami Family and MWR, including ID/CAC services, a childcare center, a fitness center, family support services and relocation and housing support offices.  Service offices are located in the Installation Services Center located on the U.S. Southern Command Headquarters.

Questions About Visiting U.S. Southern Command Headquarters:

Info and contacts in relation to visiting and accessing U.S. Southern Command Headquarters can be found on the Visiting SOUTHCOM page.

Directions to U.S. Southern Command Headquarters:

Military Personnel Looking to Join the U.S. Southern Command Team:

Army - Active Duty
If you are interested in being assigned to USSOUTHCOM, contact your Assignment/Branch Manager at Army Human Resources Command (https://www.hrc.army.mil).  They will advise you if there are any available positions and/or if requisitions are ready to be filled.  For enlisted personnel, HRC is the approving authority for placing a Soldier on assignment.  Officer requests must go to HRC for nominations and will then be vetted through USSOUTHCOM for final approval.
Army - Reserves
For questions concerning USSOUTHCOM Army Drilling IMA (DIMA) vacancies, please visit the U.S. Army Human Resources Website (https://www.hrc.army.mil).  Click on "My Records," sign in and you will see "Reserve Record, Tools and Virtual Screening Portal."  Click on "Tools", then "Vacancy Search".  You will enter search criteria for the vacancy of interest.  If you find a position that you are interested in, contact your career manager by calling 1-800-318-5298.  They will assist you in obtaining the IMA Coordinator POC information for you to inquire about the position.  Once you have contacted the coordinator, they will further assist you.
Air Force - Active Duty
Enlisted members seeking assignment to USSOUTHCOM should search for vacancies and apply through EQUAL Plus.  AFPC will select the most qualified/eligible enlisted members.  Officer assignments are processed through the Air Force Assignment System (AFAS).  Officers should indicate their assignment preferences on their Airmen Development Plan (ADP) when they are on the Vulnerable to Move List (VML). 
Air Force - Reserves
All Air Force IMA management has been centralized at MacDill AFB. Contact info is:
Email:  rmg.det3workflow@us.af.mil
Phone (813) 828-5082
DSN 968-5082
Please contact your detailer at Navy Personnel Command (http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/Pages/default.aspx).
Marines - Active Duty
Please contact your Monitor at HQMC.
Marines - Reserves
Please submit your RQS through RDOL.
You can also contact the SOUTHCOM Human Resources office directly at 305-437-1117 (DSN 567). 

Theater Clearance Requests:

Specific entry requirements and procedures to submit theater clearance for each nation are provided in the Department of Defense's Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/.
We also provide a Theater Clearance Info page that details the steps to take to get a clearance.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the SOUTHCOM Theater Clearance office at DSN: 567-3713/3714, COM: 305-437-3713/3714, or at southcom.miami.scj3.mbx.apacs@mail.mil.

ID Card / Common Access Card (CAC) Services at SOUTHCOM:

The ID/DEERS office is located on the first floor of the Installation Services Center here at the SOUTHCOM headquarters (9301 NW 33rd St, Doral, Fla. 33172).  The office provides ID card and CAC services for U.S. military personnel & their families, DoD civilian employees and families, assigned contractors and DoD retirees.

NOTE: In Order to be issued a military ID Card to person(s) over 18 Years of age and older, you need to present two (2) valid form of ID (s). Primary ID must be an unexpired picture ID. No credit cards, conceal weapon permit, student ID nor SOUTHCOM badge will be accepted. 

Schedule an Appointment

Search: Site ID #107785 | Click on “Schedule an Appointment”

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM (APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Monday–Wednesday, Friday: Walk-ins 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (SOUTHCOM ONLY)

Thursday 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Walk-ins (SOUTHCOM ONLY)

Thursday Appointments Only 9:00 AM -12:00 PM 

Thursday 12:00 PM-3:00 PM  (Panama, Costa Rica Customers Only) 

Federal Holidays:  CLOSED


ID/DEERS contact info:


During duty hours please leave message technicians are busy servicing customers. We will return your call within 24 hrs. In order to be issued a military ID Card to person(s) over 18 Years of age and older, you need to present two (2) valid form of ID (s). Primary ID must be an unexpired picture ID. No credit cards, conceal weapon permit, student ID nor SOUTHCOM badge will be accepted. 



SOUTHCOM-US ARMY GARRISON (use visitor gate)
Customer Service Center Room A1102
9301 NW 33rd Street
Doral, FL  33172

Area Military Lodging:

SOUTHCOM does not have military lodging facilities.  The closest military lodging facilities are located at Homestead Air Reserve Base or Naval Air Station Key West.  You can contact them at:
Homestead Air Reserve Base lodging
28801 Corral Sea Blvd, Box 22
Homestead, FL 33039-500
Phone: (305) 224-7168 / (305) 224-7198
Naval Air Station Key West lodging
Or the Key West Naval Base,  VQ BLDG C2076
KEY WEST, FL 33040
1-877-NAVY-BED (KEY)


Contracting / Services Requests:

Contractors and businesses looking to provide services in support of the SOUTHCOM mission can first contact the SOUTHCOM Acquisition Support Center (ASC) at southcom.miami.scj8.mbx.omb-scj8-adminoffice@mail.mil or call 305-437-3679 (DSN  567).


Conference Facilities at U.S. Southern Command / Conference Center of the Americas:

The Conference Center of the Americas (CCA) is a world-class facility located on the SOUTHCOM headquarters in Miami, Florida. The conference center offers first rate meeting and conference accommodations in a secure venue.  The main conference room covers 6,000 square-feet and can accommodate 230 guests. It is equipped with high quality 24 integrated video screens and personal audience response devices and speakers.


U.S. Southern Command Inspector General (IG):

Information about the command’s Inspector General and assistance with filing complaints can be found on our Inspector General page.