Community Relations Request Form

U.S. Southern Command, located in Doral, Florida, fulfils requests -- on a case-by-case basis -- to provide U.S. military color guard teams and guest speakers for community events. 

To request a U.S. military color guard team or speaker for your community event, fill out the digital form below and you will be contacted by the SOUTHCOM community relations team.  Typically, requests are restricted to events in the South Florida area.  Advance notice, at least 4 weeks prior to event, is strongly recommended for all requests.  All requests are considered but not all can be fulfilled due to availability or restrictions.  Requests that cannot be accommodated due to policy** include:

  • Fundraising events
  • Partisan political gatherings or events
  • Support for or during sectarian events or on church property when related to a religious activity
  • Events that charge an entry fee or are closed to the public
  • Events detrimental to the interests or values of the Armed Forces
  • Events that directly or indirectly endorse, selectively benefit, or favor any private individual, sect, fraternal organization, political group, commercial venture, or is associated with solicitation of votes in a political election
  • Events that restrict admission, seating and other accommodations or facilities with regard to race, creed, sex, or national origin
  • Situations where the real or apparent purpose is to stage controversy and/or confrontation

** Department of Defense Instruction 5410.19, Volume 1, Community Outreach Activities: Policy Overview and Evaluation Procedure | MEMO: SOUTHCOM Joint Service Color Guard (JSCG) Command Policy Directive, 9 February 2024

I. Desired Role (Color Guard, Speaker, Representative)

II. Requesting Organization(s):

III. Date, Location of Event:

IV. Details of Event:

Notice on collection of information via online forms

When receiving public requests via our online forms (Joint Color Guard or Speakers Requests, FOIA submission or Contact Us) SOUTHCOM collects information from users so that requests can be reviewed, managed and processed. Information collected from users may include full name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, address and contact information, and requested topic of information. The information collected will only be used by SOUTHCOM staff working on requests. The online request forms policy is reviewed and updated annually to ensure system access only by appropriate staff and through technical security with user name log-in and passwords. Records are retained in accordance with records management policy.