Visiting U.S. Southern Command Headquarters

Access onto SOUTHCOM headquarters

Access onto the headquarters is restricted to authorized visitors and those with a military/retiree ID card or Common Access Card (CAC).

All visitors and non-employees must access the headquarters via the Visitors Entrance at Gate #2 (see map on right), which is located on 33rd St at the far West end of the headquarters. The East entrance is for employees only.

For more information, contact Emergency Services at 305-437-2175 / 305-437-2190 or via E-mail at

NOTE: Check-in procedures for first time visitors may take a few minutes to complete -- please allow additional time to access the headquarters. For authorized visitors, please confirm your sponsor has completed all pre-coordinated access steps prior to arrival to avoid additional delays.

Gate Hours

  • Street map of SOUTHCOM headquarters.Gate #1 (easternmost gate) operates 12-hours a day, Monday - Friday, opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM. It is closed on weekends, Federal holidays, Family days, and SOUTHCOM training holidays. 

  • Gate #2 (westernmost gate) operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Visitor Control Center (VCC) hours of operations are as follows:

Monday – Wednesday and Friday – 0700 AM – 1630 PM 

Thursday’s 0700 AM – 1200PM (administrative time 1300PM - 1630 PM)

Holidays and Weekends Closed 


Federal, State and local law enforcement personnel entering the installation on official duties are allowed to retain their weapons. Knives with blades longer than 3.5” inches are not permitted except as authorized by Command Group for display purposes. Knives longer than 3.5” inches that are not mounted in a display case are considered weapons.

Additional prohibited items include:

  • Knives having a “switch blade” or automatic blade opener
  • Brass knuckles, “knucks” or knuckers, blackjacks, slappers, saps, nunchucks and razors (except those intended for shaving)
  • Pyrotechnics (e.g. fireworks) and explosive devices
  • Alcoholic beverages (except those authorized by the Senior Commander or designated representative)

Traffic Control

Persons operating motor vehicles on the compound will obey all posted traffic regulatory signs, and the directions of all security personnel performing traffic control duties. The maximum speed limit for motor vehicles on the compound is fifteen (15) miles per hour. The maximum speed limit of vehicles passing military or civilian personnel running in formation is five (5) miles per hour. All vehicle occupants will wear seat belts.

Vehicle parking is authorized only in marked parking spaces as indicated on the USSOUTHCOM parking plan.  Delivery vehicles will park as directed. Parked vehicles will be locked. Reserved spaces are identified by pavement markings or posted signs in accordance with the USSOUTHCOM parking plan.

Military and family services provided at SOUTHCOM 

A variety of service member, family and retiree services for U.S. Southern Command are provided by the U.S. Army Garrison-Miami, including ID/CAC services, a child development center, a fitness center, family support services and relocation and housing support offices.  Service offices are located in the Installation Services Center located on the U.S. Southern Command Headquarters. Visit our Military and Family Services page or check out the Quick Links below to learn more about services and resources available at SOUTHCOM.

Conference Center of the Americas

The Conference Center of the Americas (CCA) is a world-class facility located on the SOUTHCOM headquarters in Miami, Florida. The conference center offers first rate meeting and conference accommodations in a secure venue.  The main conference room covers 6,000 square-feet and can accommodate 230 guests. It is equipped with high quality 24 integrated video screens and personal audience response devices and speakers.