Theater Maintenance Partnership Initiative

The Theater Maintenance Partnership Initiative (TMPI) is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored program that aims to build the security capacity of partner nations in Latin America and the Caribbean by addressing maintenance requirements of U.S.-provided defense articles.

Video clip: At the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Oct. 12, 2023, the commander of U.S. Southern Command, Gen. Laura Richardson, briefly described SOUTHCOM’s Theater Maintenance Partnership Initiative (TMPI).

“We want this to be a true partnership where we share requirements and provide solutions for the full spectrum of defense articles, from education to depot-level repair in some cases."  - Marine Corps Lt. Col. Gabriel Christianson, SOUTHCOM J4 Multinational Logistics


The TMPI aims to provide a spectrum of support and engagement for participating partner nations and allies. The initiative is designed to provide support of U.S. defense articles that have been bought by, or granted to, partner nations, including aircraft, vehicles, vessels, and communication equipment.

SOUTHCOM will work with partner nations and allies over the next few years to foster education and increase the number of proficient, high-demand maintainers of U.S. defense articles.

The TMPI was developed after partners and allies in Latin America and the Caribbean expressed concerns regarding the maintenance challenges they have with their own equipment. 

Latest on TMPI

Establishment of initial Maintenance Centers of Excellence: Currently, SOUTHCOM is partnering with Colombia and Jamaica to establish three Maintenance Centers of Excellence in Fiscal Year 2025. Colombia will host two centers -- one focused on aircraft maintenance and another with an electronics and communications focus. Jamaica will host the other Maintenance Center of Excellence that will expand the maintenance training of our Anglophone partners at the Caribbean Military Academy in the air, sea, and land domains. The goal of establishing the centers is to provide partner nations the ability to increase production of proficient, high demand maintainers educated to support the complex systems of the future. Colombia and Jamaica have mature institutions that are capable of expanding to provide leadership in technical training in the hemisphere.

Exploring a Multinational Logistics Officers Course: SOUTHCOM is currently working with the Colombian armed forces and the Defense Security Cooperation University’s Institute for Security Governance to establish a Multinational Logistics Officers Course in Bogota, Colombia. The course will bring together participating partner nations and allies in an academic environment focused on the six functions of logistics, NATO standardization, Life Cycle Management, and the complex application of operational and strategic level of Logistics.

Future goals

The goal of TMPI is to establish nine Maintenance Centers of Excellence throughout the region by Fiscal Year 2027. Each will focus on specific domains or capabilities.