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Public / Private Cooperation

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) seeks to build noncommercial partnerships with public agencies and private sector entities to enhance security and stability in the command’s Area of Responsibility (Central America, South America and the Caribbean).  The Public / Private Cooperation (PPC) program serves as a hub to facilitate these partnerships across the SOUTHCOM enterprise.

A doctor and interpreter talk to a patient.

U.S. Air Force Maj. Sarah Reynolds, with the help of a volunteer interpreter with the organization Sanar una Nación, assesses the symptoms of local woman March 4, 2017, during a New Horizons 2017 medical readiness training exercise in Azua, Dominican Republic. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. D.J. Ayres)

Is your non-governmental organization, private company, academic institution, or other qualifying group interested in opportunities for collaboration with the U.S. military in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Please see US Southern Command interested in collaborating with the private sector.

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PPC Mission

Foster whole of society solutions for 21st century challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean by integrating non-governmental organizations and the private sector, both academia and industry, into the shared mission of fostering security, enhancing stability, and enabling prosperity.

PPC Vision

Set the Department of Defense standard for public private integration, coordination, and collaboration.

What PPC Does

Through developing relationships with appropriate U.S. and regional organizations that demonstrate a shared sense of purpose, values, and priorities, we:

  • Establish collaborative relationships across sectors to increase stakeholder engagement in Latin America and Caribbean security and stability outcomes
  • Leverage cross-sector relationships, expertise, and resources to amplify the effects of mutually beneficial SOUTHCOM enterprise programs and activities

PPC Approach

SOUTHCOM's Public Private Cooperation Division seeks private partners whose regional efforts complement and magnify our own. Areas of collaborative work include:

  • Combined/multinational exercises (clinic and school construction, medical, dental, and veterinary engagements, and other humanitarian civic assistance activities for underserved populations)
  • Combined/multinational education (subject matter exchanges in fields as diverse as health and cyber security for developing partner nations)
  • Partnership development and resource support for civil affairs forces to better support regional groups
  • Leadership engagements with select U.S. and regional organizations to develop a common understanding of and aligned approaches to mutual areas of concern
  • Academic engagement to cooperatively research emerging or other complex issues impeding Latin America and Caribbean security and stability outcomes

Helpful info

Disaster relief missions: How to Help

USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster (OFDA) is the U.S. government lead federal agency for foreign disaster responses.  As a U.S. Government agency, USAID is not able to accept monetary donations. We recommend that you donate to the reputable charity of your choice.  Information about organizations supporting disaster relief missions is available at www.reliefweb.int

For additional information on making donations (cash or commodities), initiating effective fundraising activities, and volunteering services, please visit the Center for International Disaster Information website at www.cidi.org and www.redcross.org.

Transportation options

If you need transportation for gifts-in-kind via Department of Defense air or surface lift, the programs available are the Funded Transportation Program and the Denton Program. Please refer to the following website for program information and application: http://hatransportation.ohasis.org/

Business Contracting

Companies seeking to sell commodities or establish U.S. government business contracts can contact the SOUTHCOM Acquisition Support Center (ASC) at 305-437-3679 (DSN 567).