Chaplain: Air Force Col. Greg Woodbury, Jr.Chaplain

Air Force Col. Greg Woodbury, Jr.

Chaplain Contact Info: 305-437-1024



The command chaplain is the primary advisor to the commander on religion, ethics and morals. The command chaplain is responsible for coordinating chaplain support to ensure the free exercise of religion for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard service members, their family members and other U.S. personnel within the SOUTHCOM area of responsibility (AOR).

The chaplain also serves as liaison with civilian and military religious organizations and leaders in the AOR.The chaplain’s office is located in Room 1410 in the Headquarters building and provides religious ministry support to military members, family members, and other authorized personnel assigned to Southern Command headquarters.

Call (305) 437-1024 during duty hours or (305) 437-4900 evenings, weekends, and holidays.