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NIPR External Users Access and Applications Instructions


NOTE: If you are currently an approved external user and unable to access the NIPR Portal, contact the helpdesk at (305) 437-1234.

How to Access Intranet Sites and Applications

SOUTHCOM provides all assigned staff partner organizations (to include staff outside of the HQs building or ”external users”) access to NIPR and SIPR portal/intranet tools and applications. However, some information to include sites, libraries, and files, as well as, specific tools and applications are unlisted (hidden) for Need-to-Know reasons and require approval from the specific site/application owners to access.

If you have a legitimate need to access unlisted applications (example: CDR's Calendar and the Tasker tool etc.), you must first request an external account -- instructions below (i.e. “Access Instructions”). Once your external access has been enabled, a subsequent request must be made to access specific unlisted tools.

The process is the same on SIPRNET.

What is The SOUTHCOM Intranet (or “NIPRNET Portal”)? 


This site allows all personnel with NIPRNET accounts, and a valid CAC, to login for access to the NIPRNET portal and its applications. Commonly accessed sites and applications include, but are not limited to:

  • The SOUTHCOM intranet (NIPR) home page and all directorate sub-sites containing organizational information

  • Community of Interest Sites such as the Joint Operations Center Portal, B2C2WG Portal, Contracting Portal

  • Administrative tools and applications such as the Tasker System and Awards Tools


Important:  All personnel with local SOUTHCOM accounts DO NOT require external user accounts.


If you are NOT assigned to SOUTHCOM HQ Miami, and you do not presently have an external User account, then proceed to the registration steps below (i.e. “Access Instructions”).

Getting Started Requirements:


To get approved for external user accounts (NIPR and/or SIPR) you must have:

  1. A Common Access Card for NIPR; in the future, a valid token for SIPR;

  2. A need for access; AND,

  3. A local SOUTHCOM HQ organizational sponsor. To find the name of a sponsor, use our electronic phone book available to all CAC holders. Note: Choose the name of an official who is aware of your need for access. Once you have the name of the appropriate sponsor, follow the “Access instructions” below.

Access Instructions (for personnel not assigned to SOUTHCOM HQ Miami)

1. To Contact Sponsor to submit a ServiceNow Request for access

Provide your contact information and justification for access. All requests for access are subject to review and may be rejected based on Need-to-Know or other DoD Policy. It is very important to justify your access.  If you do not know why you need access, this will delay the process.   
Note: For NON SOUTHCOM HQ Miami Campus Members, permissions from specific site owners may still be required for pages with additional restrictions. 

2. Who to contact if you have issues

If the access procedures outlined on this page fail to provide you access then please contact the SOUTHCOM HQ Help Desk at (305) 437-1234 or by email at