A dentist treats a patient
U.S. and Colombian Marines unload water from a purification plant.
Marines set up a communications system.
A Marine sets up a communications system
Peruvian navy divers don equipment prior.
A Peruvian navy diver steps off a ship.
A Peruvian navy diver dons equipment.
A Peruvian navy diver enters the water.
Peruvian navy divers check diving equipment.
U.S. Navy dentists conduct a tooth x-ray on a Grenadian woman.
A woman aints a juvenile detention center in St. George's, Grenada.
Lt. Gen. Michael T. Plehn speaks during the closing ceremony for the hospital ship USNS Comfort's eight-day medical mission in Grenada.
A Navy Hospitalman conducts a sight test on a Grenadian child.
The U.S. Navy 4th fleet band delivers a performance to a Grenadian boys high school.
A woman paints a juvenile detention center in St. George's, Grenada.
Pharmacists discuss medication with patients.
A veterinarian talks with students prior to a surgery.
A nurse check a man’s vital signs.
A physical therapist teaches stretching exercises to a Grenadian woman
A Sailor removes a Grenadian girl’s bracelet.