U.S. Army Garrison-Miami Directorate of Public Works

The U.S. Army Garrison-Miami Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides facilities engineering and minor construction, facilities operations and maintenance, energy and utilities, municipal, environmental compliance, military housing, and master planning and real property administration services in support of U.S. Southern Command (Doral site), Special Operations Command South (Homestead site), and other supporting tenants stationed at USAG-Miami sites in South Florida.

Office Locations

Doral / SOUTHCOM Site: Bldg 3 (US Army Garrison Bldg), Suite 2057

Homestead I SOCSOUTH Site: Bldg 600 (SOCSOUTH HQ Bldg), Suite 1

Hours of Operation

0800 - 1600, Monday through Friday (Closed Federal Holidays, and some designated Family Days)

Contact Information

Work Reception Desk

For service request/routine facility work orders and service requests during normal duty hours (0700-1700hrs), Please E-mail Your Request to usarmy.miami.usag.mbx.dpw-work-orders-request@mail.mil

Normal Duty Hours: (305) 437-1740 (Alternates (305) 437-1742 or (305) 437-1739)

After Hours Emergencies*:  (305) 437-2677 (Alternate (305) 437-2347)

* Duty hours are 0800-1600, Monday through Friday. For After Hours Emergencies (to include weekends and federal holidays) the Emergency Services Desk Sergeant will contact DPW.

DRSN (During Installation VOiP Service Outages):  (305) 437-3959

Emergency Operations Center (EOC, when active):  (305) 437-2267

Public Works Functional Services & Contacts

General. The USAG Miami Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides most basic Public Works services through a combination of in-house, service contracts, leasing instruments, and reimbursable services from the US Army Corps of Engineers or other Army and Department of Defense enterprise service providers and partners.

DPW Director: (305) 437-1742 (Direct 1363)

DPW Business Operations: (305) 437-2520

DPW Facility Engineer, Homestead / SOCSOUTH: (786) 415-2069

Facility Engineering. DPW provides planning, programming and contract execution of minor construction alterations and improvements to our existing facilities. Larger and more complex minor or major military construction (MILCON) requirements typically require reimbursable programming, design, engineering and construction contracting support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. With the exception of major life-cycle facility Restoration and Modernization (R&M) projects, most facility alterations and additions are the responsibility of the tenant organization to program and fund.

DPW Engineering: (305) 437-2230 (2520 Pending)

Facility Operations & Maintenance. DPW operates and maintains all Army owned and leased real property (land, facilities, utilities and other permanent infrastructure) assigned to U.S. Southern Command, Special Operations Command South and other supporting tenant organizations stationed at USAG-Miami sites, through contracted preventative and demand maintenance services.

DPW Operations & Maintenance: (305) 437-1739

Municipal Services. DPW provides basic municipal services, to include custodial, grounds maintenance, non-hazardous solid waste collection and related services through DPW managed service contracts. Services are provided within U.S. Army Installation Management Command Common Level of Support (CLS) directed Capability Level; tenant requested services that exceed these service levels can be provided if the funded by the Tenant and within existing DPW capacity.

DPW Municipal Services: (305) 437-1751

Utilities & Energy Services. DPW operates and maintains site utilities plants and distribution infrastructure that provide electrical power, heating and cooling, and water and sewer services through a combination of in-house and contracted services, and energy commodities purchased from public and private regulated utilities providers (electrical power, natural gas, water and sewer) through a combination utility service contracts, direct billed accounts, and other agreements.

DPW Electrical  ( Electrical Power ): (305) 437-3521

DPW Mechanical ( HVAC, Water/Sewer ):  (305) 437-3518

Environmental & Pest Control. DPW provides environmental services to ensure USAG Miami sites, facilities and tenants comply with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws, policies and regulations; and provides integrated pest management and control services. DPW partners with installation Occupational Safety and Health professionals to ensure environmentally healthy work environments. Larger more complex environmental functions typically require external support from US Army Corps of Engineers or US Army Public Health Command.

DPW Environmental & Pest Control: (305) 437-3494

Military Housing. The rental housing market in South Florida has a number of unique challenges for service members and their families, so it is imperative that service members contact the housing office well in advance of reporting to Miami.  DPW's primary line of effort is off-post housing services to assist service members and families in obtaining adequate and affordable housing in the private sector. DPW manages a small inventory of Army leased housing in Doral, FL (zip codes 33172 and 33178), for designated key and essential senior leaders and unaccompanied junior enlisted service members in grades E1 through E4 (required) and E5 (space available). 

DPW Housing:  (305) 437-2636

DPW Housing Services: (305) 437-2664

DPW Leased Housing:  (305) 437-2670

Master Planning & Real Property. DPW manages Army real property and leased facilities at two primary sites in South Florida, the U.S. Southern Command site in Doral, FL 33172 and the Special Operations Command South site in Homestead, FL 33039, adjacent to and contiguous with (but not part of) Homestead Air Reserve Base. There is very limited capacity for expansion of our current land and facilities footprint, so it is imperative that activities considering stationing personnel at USAG Miami coordinate that well in advance in accordance with Army Regulation 5-10 (Stationing).

DPW Master Planning & Real Property:  (305) 437-2230

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