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News | April 3, 2024

Gen. Richardson Visits Argentina To Strengthen Bilateral Ties

By U.S. Embassy Argentina

Translated from Spanish | See originally posted release on U.S. Embassy Argentina website

U.S. Army General Laura Richardson, commander of Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), travels to Argentina this week to foster dialogue and cooperation with the country's new government and defense leaders. Her visit underscores the long-standing commitment to enhancing the strategic partnership between both countries.

“The ties between our armed forces are as strong and deep-rooted as the ties between our citizens,” Richardson said. “We are committed to working closely with Argentina so that our collaborative security efforts benefit our citizens, our countries and our hemisphere in lasting and positive ways. “I am happy to return to Argentina and learn more about this beautiful country.”

Richardson's agenda in Buenos Aires includes meetings with Defense Minister Luis Petri and Brigadier General Xavier Isaac, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Argentine Armed Forces, among other Argentine government leaders. These talks will address strengthening the long-standing military collaboration between our nations, aimed at bolstering regional security and promoting shared interests.

In addition to these commitments, Richardson will participate in a panel discussion on the integration of women in peace, defense and security missions, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and diversity in global security efforts.

The three-day visit includes a stop in Ushuaia, where Richardson will interact with local military personnel to learn about their missions and the critical role they play in safeguarding shipping routes vital to global trade.

Richardson will also participate, along with Argentine defense authorities, in a ceremony in Buenos Aires that will mark the transfer of a Hercules C-130H transport aircraft to the Argentine Air Force. The aircraft is valued at approximately $30 million and is part of a US-funded security assistance donation. Considered by aviation experts to be one of the most successful aircraft in aviation history, the Hercules has operated for almost 70 years on all continents, serving the aviation needs of 70 nations and performing a wide range of air transport and special missions including firefighting, in-flight refueling, aeromedical evacuations, weather reconnaissance and disaster assistance.

U.S. defense funding for security cooperation with Argentina exceeds $625 million this fiscal year, focusing on key areas of mutual interest, such as professional and capacity development, cyber defense, and disaster preparedness.

Richardson's visit marks the third consecutive year of interaction with Argentina's military and defense leaders, highlighting the enduring nature of the bilateral relationship. With more than two centuries of diplomatic relations, the United States and Argentina continue to strengthen their political, security, economic and cultural ties, paving the way for a prosperous shared future.