CENTAM Guardian 2024

CENTAM Guardian 24, hosted this year in Honduras and Costa Rica, was an annual, multi-national exercise designed to strengthen interoperability, domain awareness, information sharing, and counter-threat capabilities between the United States and participating Central American partner nations. It was a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-approved exercise that is nested under JS-Large Scale Global Exercise 2024 (LSGE 24). Approximately 350 personnel took part in the training exercise from all participating nations.

CENTAM Guardian Photos


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CENTAM Guardian Overview

Exercise CENTAM Guardian 24 (CG24) was held 1-12 April and June 3-14 in various locations throughout Honduras and Costa Rica. These multinational exercises demonstrate our forces’ cooperation and shared commitment to global stability, peace and prosperity, and agile forces ready and postured to respond to today’s dynamic security challenges. 

The primary purpose of the exercise is to enhance interoperability among the participating forces in areas of security and humanitarian assistance/disaster response operations. The coordinated response between the United States and Central American countries and the timely arrival of humanitarian assistance can make the difference between life and death for many communities during natural disasters or unplanned contingency operations. 

CG24 was a demonstration of Allies and partner nations’ ability to seamlessly operate together to maintain global freedom and stability. 

CENTAM Guardian 24 (CG24) had two-phases: 

Phase 1 was a Central American-oriented multi-domain rapid response military security operations focused Command Post & Field Training Exercise hosted by Honduras. Phase 1 is designed to develop participants’ interoperability, domain awareness, information sharing and counter threat capabilities. 

Phase 2 was a humanitarian assistance/disaster response tabletop exercise and Field Training Exercise hosted by Costa Rica designed to build partner nation civilian/military capacity in response to a major disaster and to strengthen hemispheric cooperation and collaboration between regional humanitarian entities and military/security forces. 

Participating Nations

Honduras (Host nation, Phase 1), Costa Rica (Host nation Phase 2), Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and the United States.

U.S. Forces Involved

Joint Task Force Bravo; 7th Special Forces Group; 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade; Marine Corps Forces South; Air Forces Southern Command; Army South; Puerto Rico Army National Guard; Arkansas National Guard; Oklahoma National Guard; and the 410th Civil Affairs Battalion