Fuerzas Comando 2024

​Fuerzas Comando 2024 was a military exercise consisting of a skills competition between military and police Special Operations teams from the Western Hemisphere. The event was hosted by Panama May 12 - 24, 2024. Teams from 17 countries, including the United States, took part in the exercise, which promotes military-to-military relationships, increases training knowledge and improves regional security.

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Fuerzas Comando 2024 was a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored, special operations skills competition and senior leadership seminar under the responsibility of U.S. Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH) and hosted by the Panama Ministry of Security.

Approximately 450 military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel from all participating nations, including the United States, took part in or supported the competition this year.  

The exercise had two parts: A skills competition and a Senior Leader Seminar.

The 10-day event demonstrated and tested participants’ skills through a friendly Special Operations Forces competition. The Distinguished Visitor Program focused on topics such as transnational; transregional threat networks and the impact of those threats have on regional security and stability.

Through friendly competition, this exercise promotes interoperability, military-to-military relationships, increases training knowledge, and improves regional security. Military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel from the participating nations are taking part in the exercise. 

SOCSOUTH, headquartered at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Fla., was the lead U.S. executing command for the exercise. SOCSOUTH serves as the special operations component for U.S. Southern Command.

About the Multinational Skills Competition

This year the competition was held at the National Police Academy and and other locations in and around Panama CityThe assault team competition consisted of a series of events that include physical fitness tests, a confidence course, close quarters combat, a rucksack march, and an obstacle course. The sniper team competition consisted of physical fitness tests, marksmanship, mobility, and concealment events.

Senior Leader Seminar (Distinguished Visitors Program)

The Distinguished Visitors Program, also known as the Senior Leader Seminar (SLS), provided a vehicle for dialogue and critical thinking on interoperability, focusing on transnational, transregional threat networks and the impact those threats have on regional security and stability.   


This was the 18th Fuerzas Comando exercise. The exercise has been conducted primarily in Central and South America and the Caribbean since 2004.