J5 Strategy, Policy and Plans Directorate

Brig. Gen. Calvert L. Worth

Director of J5 Strategy, Policy and Plans

Brig. Gen. Calvert L. Worth

J5 Contact Info: 305-437-1507




The Strategy, Policy, and Plans Directorate provides input into and translates national-level strategies, policies and plans into strategic-operational level long-range guidance.  Develops concepts and ideas into staff and component actionable issues in support of the command’s objectives.  Develops initiatives for building partner nations’ and U.S. capabilities and capacities in the  air, space, land, sea, and cyber domains.  Provides overarching national-level inputs to subject-matter specific policies owned by other USSOUTHCOM directorates.

Leads the overarching Campaign and Strategic Planning Process.  Integrates interagency and command efforts toward the attainment of the command´s vision, goals, and objectives.  Develops comprehensive plans to shape the environment within the AOR in support of the Combatant Commander to conduct theater engagement activities in order to promote democracy, stability, and collective approaches to regional security. 

Provides subject matter expertise and country insight on all military and political aspects for the region.  Provides command, Joint Staff, Congressional, Ambassadorial, Service and Component Staffs with tailored, coordinated products on partner-nation issues.