J8 Resources & Analysis Directorate 

Director J8 Resources & Analysis: Col. Julian Stephens

Director of Resources & Analysis

Col. Julian Stephens


J8 Contact Info: 305-437-3829




Vision Statement

We are the Command’s principal stewards of taxpayer dollars ensuring the best capability value from the resources provided.  

Mission Statement

The Resources and Analysis Directorate (SCJ8) manages the headquarters' resourcing and requirements processes; allocates and executes funding; facilitates contracting services; and provides critical analysis in order to deliver the most effective, necessary capabilities to the Command.

Core Values

Integrity, Develop People, Vigilant Stewardship, Customer-Focused, Transparency, Responsiveness.

Core Functions

  • Provide advice and guidance to all USSOUTHCOM on Financial Management Concepts and policies (comptroller, chief FM advisory role)
  • Disbursement of funding/authority (training, delegation of authority, accountability and reconciliation)
  • Funds control and Distribution (All levels, multiple systems)
  • Budget execution (Cost capture, transactional, certification of funding)
  • Budget review, reconciliation, and validation (Examples prior year obligations, current year commitments)
  • Analysis of programs (Examples TCA, CIV-Pay, SCO)
  • Reporting and analysis Data calls (Reports for ABO, JCS, OSD, CN, DSCA, DOS, and internal)
  • Financial Management coordination (All levels with RAs, ABO, Staff, Portfolio Managers, all above, all components)
  • Audit, inspections and internal reviews (MICP, SCOs and HQs)
  • Audit Readiness (Managers’ Internal Control Program)
  • Development of Financial management policy, instructions, SOPs, and guidance
  • Official FM records keepers (Command responsibility filing and organizing records for internal review)
  • Force development; Training and Education (DoD certification, myriad of systems training, and technical processes implementation)
  • Personnel Management (Civilian and military assets, supervision, leadership, mentorship)
  • Contingency  reporting, support, and planning (DRRS, JMETL, OPS support CAC)
  • Administrator of all financial systems (SOUTHCOM funding)
  • Directorate Personnel Management (Civilian and military assets, supervision, leadership, mentorship)
  • Portfolio Management (Requirements, financial transaction, procurement, decision support and business rules) services
  • Program Management (GTMO INTEL, Counternarcotics, HQs MGT Systems) services
  • Programming, Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and Capability Gap Analysis (CGA) activities
  • Acquisition policy, planning and reporting activities
  • Contract preparation and tracking
  • Strategy, Campaign, and Contingency planning support
  • Force Structure Studies 
  • Strategic and Programmatic Analysis and Assessments
  • Analytic Support for complex decision-making and the Command Exercise Program