Resolute Sentinel 2024

Resolute Sentinel 2024 is a multinational training exercise that aims to enhance regional security and interoperability among forces from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, France and the United States. The exercise includes 1,500 personnel who are training together on disaster response, medical readiness, cyber defense, search and recovery, water rescue, and small arms combat tactics. Training is taking place in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

Resolute Sentinel 2024 Photos
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Resolute Sentinel began May 27 and will continue for three weeks. The exercise is a multi-national training opportunity that improves the readiness of U.S. and partner nation militaries through humanitarian assistance and disaster response, space domain awareness, cybersecurity, special operations and counter-threat exercises, legal and medical exchanges and construction projects.

Resolute Sentinel began in 2021 as a 12th Air Force (Air Force Southern)-led U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) exercise that evolved out of the longstanding New Horizons and Beyond the Horizons humanitarian assistance training exercises. It provides joint training and improved readiness for U.S. and partner nation military personnel through combat interoperability and disaster response training, space domain awareness, medical and legal exchanges, training, humanitarian aid and construction projects.

Personnel from participating nations’ militaries and medical communities will work together to share tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure seamless integration during future emergencies or times of crisis. 

Multinational operations and exercises like Resolute Sentinel increase the ability of our collective partners to operate in a joint, high-intensity environment, improving readiness, responsiveness, and interoperability. It improves our ability to cooperate and integrate in both peacetime and crisis, improving our overall capacity to work together.