Archive: February, 2017

Feb. 28, 2017

JTF-Bravo’s quick reaction force executes deployment readiness exercise

Eleven personnel from Joint Task Force-Bravo’s U.S. Southern Command Situational Assessment Team (SSAT) mobilized in support of a deployment readiness exercise here, Feb. 21 through 23.

Feb. 27, 2017

MEDRETE mission supports health efforts in Corinto

Thirty-three personnel from Joint Task Force-Bravo’s Medical Element, Joint Security Forces and Army Forces Battalion participated in a two-day Medical Readiness Training Exercise here, Feb. 16 through 17, providing service for 747 patients.

Feb. 27, 2017

Continuing Promise 2017 Begins Honduran Operations

An opening ceremony marking the start of operations for Continuing Promise 2017’s (CP-17) second mission stop took place Feb. 21 in Trujillo, Honduras. The event was attended by local government officials; U.S. and Honduran military personnel; and the Honorable James Nealon, U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, who highlighted how the two nations’ partnership will make the 10-day mission stop successful.

Feb. 21, 2017

Former U.S. Ambassador Assumes Civilian Deputy Role at SOUTHCOM

Ambassador Liliana Ayalde has assumed duties as U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Civilian Deputy to the Commander and Foreign Policy Advisor.

Feb. 14, 2017

Preventive Medicine Unit Hosts Outbreak Investigation Workshop during CP-17

PUERTO BARRIOS, Guatemala—Sailors from Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit (NEPMU) 2 hosted an outbreak investigation workshop, Feb. 8, as part of Continuing Promise 2017’s (CP-17) valuable training for partner nation community health workers who may be called to participate in investigations of infectious disease outbreaks.

Feb. 10, 2017

Honduran, U.S. partnership provides medical care for village

Personnel from Honduran Ministry of Health representatives, Honduran military personnel, members of Joint Task Force – Bravo and the U.S. Agency for International Development, partnered to provide basic medical services to the population of Estancia during a medical readiness exercise from Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.

Feb. 9, 2017

JTF-Bravo hikes for a good cause

Approximately 180 personnel from Joint Task Force-Bravo participated in a four-mile round-trip hike to the village of El Paraiso on Saturday, Feb. 4, to deliver food and supplies to the struggling Honduran community. These hikes are a part of the Command Master Religious Program that executes events to provide relief to areas in the underdeveloped Comayagua Valley that surrounds Soto Cano Air Base.

Feb. 9, 2017

USCGC Diligence returns home after interdicting $60M worth of cocaine

The crew of U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Diligence returned to Wilmington Tuesday following a 62-day patrol in the Eastern Pacific. The Diligence crew patrolled in support of the Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF) South in the Eastern Pacific. Along with JIATF South, the U.S. Coast Guard works alongside interagency and international partners to prevent and respond to illegal maritime migration and narcotics smuggling from South and Central America.

Feb. 9, 2017

Southcom Chief Stresses Innovation, Cooperation in Countering Threats

Fighting transregional and transnational threats requires building networks stronger than those that are keeping those threats in business, the commander of U.S. Southern Command told members of the American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Feb. 8, 2017

Continuing Promise Vet Team Holds Training with Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture

Army veterinarians and technicians partnered with Guatemalan veterinarians to conduct a professional knowledge exchange and preventive medicine training, Feb. 2, in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, as part of Continuing Promise 2017 (CP-17).