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Press Release | June 6, 2019

News Release: Marine Task Force Deploys To Latin America

MIAMI – Approximately 300 U.S. Marines and Sailors with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force - Southern Command, the rapid response force assigned to U.S. Southern Command, will arrive in Latin America June 5. 

This is the fifth consecutive year SPMAGTF-SC has deployed to the region. This deployment will also serve as another major step in developing a multinational maritime task force that will enhance disaster response in and around Latin America and the Caribbean, as multiple partner nation officers have been selected to be a part of the SPMAGTF-SC staff. 

SPMAGTF-SC’s mission is to work with partner nations to build security force capabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean through recurrent training events. It is also trained and equipped to provide timely response to natural disasters and other crisis situations in the region.

SPMAGTF-SC is scheduled to work in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and will be joined by partner nation forces from Brazil, Colombia and Peru in order to build upon the success of last year’s SPMAGTF-SC deployment.

SPMAGTF-SC is sourced mainly from Marines and Sailors from U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve, from various units spread across the country. This deployment will enable our partners to improve regional capacity and facilitate humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in case of a major disaster while simultaneously affording the Marine Corps an opportunity to improve readiness.

For more information on SPMAGTF-SC, please contact the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, South Public Affairs Director, Capt. Jose M. Negrete, email:, phone: 305-437-2554, or the Public Affairs Chief, Gunnery Sgt. Michael S. Cifuentes, email:, phone: 305-437-2607.