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Press Release | April 4, 2021

U.S. Southern Command Announces the Transfer of Detainees from Camp VII to Camp V

DORAL, Fla. – Today, Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay (JTF-GTMO) has, safely and without incident, transferred all detainees from Camp VII to Camp V.

This transfer consolidated all 40 detainees from three to two detention facilities. 

The Commander of U.S. Southern Command directed the consolidation which will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, while reducing operational cost.  This adjustment does not compromise force protection, safety, or the mission to provide safe, legal and humane care to, and custody of the detainees at JTF-GTMO. 

This fiscally responsible decision will reduce the detention facility’s footprint and will eliminate maintenance requirements and costs incurred by Camp VII.

Planning for this movement involved all relevant organizations, to include the intelligence community.